What you will learn about Border Collies

Choosing The Right Border Collie

Should you get a puppy from a breeder or adopt an older dog? Learn the pros and cons of each. Includes easy steps and checklists to choosing the right Border Collie for your family.

House-training Your Border Collie

House-training is one of the most overlooked aspects of training a new puppy. Use our simple tips and tricks to help you and your puppy make the house-breaking process as pain free as possible!

Training and Basic Commands

Advice and easy to implement tips that will help you jump start your Border Collies training from Day #1! Learn the most common basic commands that every Border Collie should know.

Preparing Your Home For a Border Collie

Avoid making easily avoidable mistakes by using our simple instructions on preparing your home for a new Border Collie puppy. Have your house and family completely ready for the arrival of your new pup!

Physical and Mental Exercise

Most new owners don't realize how much exercise Border Collies actually require, or how to properly stimulate them mentally. Use our simple games to efficiently exercise and mentally stimulate your Border Collie on a daily basis.

Grooming, Nutrition, and Health Care

Learn what to do and what NOT to do with Feeding, Grooming, and basic Health Care needs. We cover everything you will encounter with your Border Collie puppy!

Nice book laid out in sections with all the knowledge and info that any Collie owner would ever need from that first day you get one of these very intelligent, loving, and obedient companions until their later days. Absolutely Fantastic Read.
Dawson McClements
Dawson McClements
Border Collie Owner
A great informative book for any Collie owner that covers all you need to know for a happy healthy dog. Also has some brilliant pictures on most pages!
Paul Simon
Paul Simon
Border Collie Owner
Very informative book on a super breed. Border Collies are not a novice dog and this book helps you understand their special needs. Lots of lovely photos too.
Vikky Stewart
Vikky Stewart
Border Collie Owner

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First and foremost, Border Collies are sheep herders. But when they’re not on the clock, they can make excellent companions. They’re energetic, playful, and extremely intelligent. They’re also sensitive, affectionate, and adorable. Even though this breed is still vital to livestock owners, we will focus on the Border Collie as a pet in this book.

  • Border Collie History
  • Being a Puppy Parent
  • Socializing with People and Animals
  • Dealing With Unwanted Behaviors
  • Traveling with Border Collies

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The Complete Guide to Border Collies is available as a paperback from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  You can also purchase the book for any device: Kindle, Nook, Kobo Reader and many more!

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About the Author

David Anderson lives in Minnesota with his wife Rebecca and their puppy “Buddy”. Buddy is a rambunctious, mischievous, and unbelievably loving puppy who immediately wins over everyone he meets. Through the trials and triumphs of raising Buddy, David has learned what it takes to successfully raise a dog from puppy to adulthood.

This book is an accumulation of experience and knowledge designed to help new Border Collie puppy parents on their ownership journey.

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